De-Icing (Liquid & Solid)

Safe and Reliable De-icing Services

We select the de-icing materials most applicable to the needs of your property to keep walkways and steps safe and accessible for the duration of the storm and beyond.

Some of the De-icing Services we Offer:

-Granular Products treated and enhanced with liquid magnesium chloride

-Pelodow calcium chloride for sidewalks where rock salt can cause damage

-Rock Salt spreading for Residential Communities or Business Complexes

-Stronger chemical agents available for specific circumstances


During Snow events we us Synatek Entry which is chloride free and urea clear. Entry is a 100% non-chloride product derived from a biodegradable potassium salt. It works by breaking the hydrogen bridges that are formed when water freezes, excellent for the prevention of refreezing and black ice formation. Entry is a neutral pH formula so that any traces that are tracked into your building will be completely harmless and unnoticeable.

Benefits of a Pre-Storm Treatment

  • Elimination of Granular Tracking in your Building
  • Elimination of Chloride residue tracking in your building Non-Chlorine formulation is safer for the environment, pets, metals, and plants
  • Unlike other chloride-based products, Entry is designed to not become hydroscopic and slippery
  • Unlike other carbohydrate-based ice melting products, Entry is designed not to be sticky.

Benefits of a Post-Storm Treatment

  • Immediate Melting
  • Elimination of Granular Tracking into Your Building
  • Elimination of chloride residue tracking into your building
  • Non-chlorine formulation is safer for environment, pets, metals, and plants



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